Frock Gallery is pleased to present Belgian artist, Rita Craeynest. Rita will show her extraordinary bronze sculptures of children at play.

Rita Craeynest

1 July 2022 until 9 September 2022

All of the joy and energy one can experience while spending time with children can be felt through Rita’s sculptures. She has captured the sense of non-stop motion, innocence and inquisitiveness children regularly inspire in adults. Her figures are frequently in action, off-balance and alive. Sometimes her figures are in a state of wonder, questioning or exploring their environment. Rita’s understanding, experience and control of the medium is reflected in the extraordinary anatomy displayed in the work. Each sculpture tells a short story and invites the viewer to come and play!

General Info


Rijselstraat 26, 8900 Ypres

EXPOSITION: 1/07 - 26/08

open Wednesday - Sunday 1 - 6 pm
or by appointment

Summer holidays / closed: 27 - 31 July