Frock Gallery

FROCK GALLERY is a contemporary art gallery founded in 2019 by partners Annelies Deltour and artist, Matthew J. Frock. The gallery is located in the historical city of Ypres, in the Flemish region of Belgium. FROCK GALLERY organizes local exhibitions and shows at art fairs internationally. The gallery works with professional artists who are truly knowledgeable about art and have firmly rooted their practice in the canon of art history. FROCK GALLERY exhibits artists who have found their own way beyond traditional academic methods and are on a path of learning and growth. The gallery seeks to display the new ground as it unfolds naturally in the artists’ studio.

Matthew, Annelies and guest curators create engaging exhibitions with artists working in a variety of mediums. Frock Gallery is committed to making art accessible to the widest variety of art collector and budgets as possible. The gallery displays uniquely remarkable works of art ranging from ten's of thousands of euro to less than one hundred euro. In order to help as many collectors as possible, the gallery is happy to contract installment plans for people in need of time to pay off their investment. Learn more about installments here.

The exhibition starts with the artist's inspiration and works its way down the line of collaboration to the viewer standing before the work in awe. Matt and Annelies love to collaborate with everyone in that line – from artist to collector – It’s the people that make the magic!

It’s the people that make the magic!