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Discover the magic of art in your own home!

Frock Gallery offers you the unique opportunity to experience no-obligation art presentations in your home or office. We will surround you with beauty and guide you through a customized journey of art curated for your living space. Create an intimate gallery experience at home - together with family and friends. Delivery, installation, and advice are free with purchase. We aim to create a fun and pleasurable experience without emphasis on sales - no pressure! Contact us for more information and book your exclusive art experience today!

"The more the art dominated my life - and my house - the more the house became a home."

- Burt Reynolds (Architectural Digest, September 1983)

"The cornerstone of great art for me is a work that makes one person exclaim, 'That's fabulous!' and another ask, 'How can you have that hanging in your house?'"

- Gordon Sondland (ARTNews September 1999)

"Collecting art is a lot like wine connoisseurship: When you drink wine, you begin with sweet white wines. As your palate matures, you graduate to the dry, dark reds."

- Katy Durant (ARTNews September 1999)

"Eventually, a collection ceases to be a personal indulgence and assumes its own identity. In fact, it becomes a thing in its own right - rather like Frankenstein's monster."

- Howard Hodgkin (ARTNews, Summer 2000)

"Any great work of art revives and readapts time and space, and the measure of its success is the extent to which it makes you an inhabitant of that world."

- Leonard Bernstein (ARTNews, September 2000)

"I collect these objects to learn from them. In some moment these things are going to teach me something. For me, this is like a library. These are my books."

- Jose Bedia (ARTNews, Summer 2000)

Looking to get started?

First, browse our website and familiarize yourself with the artworks. We recommend starting on the Artists Page where you can see a thumbnail of the artworks with the artists name. From the Artists Page you can click a link to see our entire inventory from the artist. You can also go to the Shop in the main menu and filter your search on style, medium, price-range and much more!

Once you've found what you're looking for, click the presentation button under the Add to Cart button - it's that easy! If you're not sure what's the best choice for your living space, send us a photo of the area you'd like to see artworks in and we will curate a customized presentation for you! Send your inquires to today!