Rita Craeynest

All of the joy and energy one can experience while spending time with children can be felt through Rita’s sculptures. She has captured the sense of non-stop motion, innocence and inquisitiveness children regularly inspire in adults. Her figures are frequently in action, off-balance and alive. Sometimes her figures are in a state of wonder, questioning or exploring their environment. Rita’s understanding, experience and control of the medium is reflected in the extraordinary anatomy displayed in the work. Each sculpture tells a short story and invites the viewer to come and play!


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Artist Statement

What started for kindergarten teacher, Rita Craeynest as a hobby, became her passion. She would transform herself into a great sculptor of children’s figures. Children are her greatest inspiration because of their pure, infectious open-mindedness. 

Her bronze figures are life-size and lifelike. She prefers to create her figures without a model. The modeling is then pure fantasy and creation. However, we create what we know and so Craeynest’s figures are modeled from memories of her children and grandchildren. She likes the idea of immortalizing those memories in bronze.

She started in terracotta around 1965. Since 1995 she began making larger work in polyester and gradually made the switch to exclusively bronze. After creating and modeling in clay, the lost wax method forms a rebirth in bronze – a captivating metaphorical tribute every time.


Since 1972 Rita's work was shown in various Flemish municipalities. She also took part in several exhibitions in Wallonia, France, the Netherlands, Germany and England.


In addition to numerous selections, she acquired:

- 2005: Municipality of Aalter: Commission Integrated Artwork: “Marit – Stappend”

- 2004: Ingelmunster Rustoord: Commission Integrated Artwork: “Summer Sculpture Group”

- In 2003 the "Public Award" on the Sculpture Route in Lo

- In 2000 the "Silver Medaille" in Saint-Agnian-sur-Cher (France) at the "International Exhibition M.A.E.F."(Métier Artistique Européen France)

- In 1996 the "Public Award" at the "International Biennale of the Province of Hainaut" in Mouscron.

- In 1995 the "General Ceuppens Award", first award of the Biennale Sculpture at the Cultural Center of the Air Force in Evere-Brussels

- In 1994 the "Gold Medal" for the discipline "Sculptures, Ceramics and related techniques" at the International Art Salon of the "European Art Merit" in Koksijde. In addition, she won the "Golden Palm" of the entire salon for the work with the highest Quotation of the various disciplines