Thibo Moreels

Thibo works with a variety of mediums to investigate the concepts that occupy him. He’s more interested in communication then committing himself to a single discipline. Ideas present themselves in a variety of vessels, Thibo is open to materializing them in whatever form they require. His studio houses a number of experimental constructions and unusual building materials. His sculptures are primarily found-object collages that tend to be full of contrasting associations. Meanwhile, his paintings contain the same thoughtful ironies. They look like tiny versions of the epic Hudson River School paintings of the Sublime and Romanticist movements. And like the found objects, his small paintings when paired make their own unusual connections and associations.

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Artist Statement

His sculptural creations originate during his search for materials at flea markets, thrift stores, attics, container parks, objet-trouvé, etc. Moreels collects things when he has an affinity for their form, color, contrasts of raw materials and finesse.

Within his work, the recycling and upcycling of objects is very present. He values the aesthetics of the things we all too often throw away. By assembling and repositioning things, he gives a new purpose and value to that which was worthless. Coincidence plays an important role in his creative process. It is searching for a symbiosis or mutualism between the different materials he collected. Sometimes he has had that one piece lying around for months, waiting, yearning to be incorporated into a sculpture or object. The merging and assembling of his creations is blissful for the artist, but also caresses the eyes of the viewer. They shine, as it were, in each other's presence.
When viewing the sculptures, the artist has room for the audience to interact with his or her imagination or create their own story.