Katja Gramann

Katja is an inventive picture maker. Her work is diverse, utilizing a variety of techniques ranging from expressionist-style painting to mixed-media and collage. Her images have a raw, freshness that reference Japanese Zen aesthetics. Her curious approach to the creative process generates a varied yet cohesive body of work. Each image is loaded with energy, color, beautiful line work and mark-making. It’s clear, Katja enjoys the act of painting and experimenting with color. Her finished works capture the process into forms of presentation to showcase her discoveries.


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I have four main directions in my art. On the one hand, the abstract free painting with acrylic paint in large format on canvas, then I also like to deal with structuring materials such as ash, sand, rock flour, coffee grounds and pigments in my painting. I am happy to work with these so-called mixed media on wood. Then I am passionate about creating abstract collages from fine Chinese paper and finally I work with Chinapaper and Resin to create the “Glamour Gems” (Glanzstücke).

"Art lifts life out of mediocrity, so Art has the power to make life special and exciting."

- Katja Gramann

Katja Gramann

born. 1973 in Ludwigshafen am Rhein / Germany


  • Master of Art in german literature and language and history
  • University of Mannheim (Germany) und Kitchener/Waterloo ( Canada)
  • 2001 bis 2007 painting education in Berlin/Munich at the artschool of Jürgen Sage / Astrid Albers (Berlin)
  • 2007-2017 attending art-classes in the art-academies at Bad Reichenhall, Augsburg und Kolbermoor / Germany


2016 „Schichtarbeiten", 13.04. – 24.04.2016, Bürgerhaus Gräfelfing

2016 „Traumfänger“, 06.10. – 31.10. 2016, Mohr-Villa-Freimann, Munich

2017 „Kontrastprogramm“, 12.05. – 22.06.2017, lampstudio „münchen leuchtet“, Munich

2017 „Tapetenwechsel“, 20. – 22. 10.2017, in a house before demolition, Gräfelfing

2018 „Freigeister“, 19.01.-08.03.2018 im Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie Martinsried

2018 „Leuchtwerk“, 05.10 -18.10.2018, Bürgerhaus Gräfelfing

2019 „Kleine Werkschau“, 17.01.-25.02.2019, Rathaus der Gemeinde Gilching

2019 „Her mit dem schönen Leben“, 10.05-22.06.2019, Gallery Scheytt, München

2019 „Rosige Aussichten“, 10.-26.10.2019, Gallery Kunstwerk, Holzstraße 1, 80459 München

2020 „Neue Arbeiten“, 27.03.-06.05.2020, virtuelle Onlineausstellung in der Gallery Scheytt, München

2021 „Her mit dem schönen Leben reloaded“, 22.05.-24.07.2021, Gallery Scheytt, München

2022 „Alles wird gut!“, 15.03.-24.03.2022, Kreativraum Galerie, Wien

Group Exhibition

2007 / 2013 Großen Kunstausstellung des AK68 in Wasserburg

2013 „Kunstzone Gräfelfing" des Gräfelfinger Kunstkreises (artclub Gräfelfing)

2013 Annual Exhibition of the Kunstverein Traunstein (artclub Traunstein)

2015 65. Bayreuther Kunstausstellung

2016 ARTMUC Praterinsel Munich

2016 Lichtgestalten, Künstlergilde Landsberg am Lech

2016 / 2017 /2018 „christmanexhibition“, in the goldsmith studio of Susanne Elstner / Gräfelfing

2017 „Aus der Fülle schöpfen“, together with Andrea Rozorea, Housegallery, Gräfelfing

2018 Kunstforum „WIFO“, Ateliergroup 24, Germering

2018 ARTMUC ,Nov. 2018, Praterinsel München

2018 / 2019 „Selektionen“, Gallery „Kunstwerk“, with A. Rozorea & E. Feist, München

2018 „Silent Night“, Gallery Scheytt, Munich

2019 „Kunsttage Gut Georgenberg“, Gut Georgenberg, Glonn

2019 ARTMUC, Nov. 2019, Praterinsel Munich

2021 ARTMUC Restart, September 2021, Munich