Dirk Gross

Dirk is a prolific painter and true artist. Watching him work in the studio makes it clear he is a veteran of the creative process. He is always experimenting with new processes, keeping his work fresh and the results show. His abstract paintings are beautiful, thoughtful and keep the viewer guessing how he made it. Dirk’s art studio is a labyrinth of art supplies, experimental work, trials and errors, unusual tools, printing presses and even priceless antique apparatuses that seem to go on and on. Dirk’s appreciation for the creative process is showcased in his studio, a true makers space - but most importantly in the gorgeous works of art that grow out it.


Dirk Groß

born: 1966 in Dessau


1988 - 1990 Classic, Academy-style Education – Louvre, Paris, FR

1990 – 1998 Classic, Academy-style Education – Germany (various institutions)

Classic, Academy-style learning is the way artists have learned for hundreds of years until the introduction of modern art universities. The practice is student driven under the guidance of experienced mentors. Students learn by studying, rendering and eventually copying the work of master artists.


1996 Gallery Niedermove Lünen / NRW

1997 city gallery Sebnitz / Saxony

1998 Gallery Ostendorff Münster

1999 Kunstförderkreis Atelier "Pit Weber" Oelde

2000 Gallery Reinhard Paderborn

2001 Gallery Dark Hamm

2002 Gallery Seno Mallorca / Spain

2003 Castle Westerholt Freckenhorst

2006 Gallery Cocon La Beaume / France

2007 Gallery La Vie Schwerte

2008 Castle Westerholt Herne / NRW

2010 Impulse Osnabrück

2011 Gallery Berghorn, Fataga, Gran Canaria

2012 Gallery Rudi Fred Linke Münster / Wolbeck

2013 Thurn und Taxis Palais Frankfurt, Stadtmuseum Warendorf

2014 Kulturkirche Hamburg / Altona, Schloss Meersburg / Bodensee

2015 ART Fair Cologne

2016 Hachachpalais Vienna, AAF London-Hampstead

2017 Bienale Luxembourg, AAF London-Battersea

2018 Kunsthalle, Museum Liesborn Abbey, South Sauerland Museum, AAF London-Battersea


2009 admission to the international art house Artes Hannover, Gallery Oetter Mangen / Sweden

2019 Winner of the Velazcez Award, Bienale At MEAM Barcelona

2020 Winner of the Frida Kahlo Award, Milano, AAF London Battersea