Tender touch

Tender Touch

Acrylic and ink on stretched canvas.

60 x 60 cm



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More about Brigitte Kratochwill

Brigitte makes beautiful, minimalist compositions with breath-taking, sweeping strokes across the canvas. She says she often needs many layers in a single image to get to the essence and depth. The end result is a unique take on abstract expression and action painting. Brigitte has been awarded the: PARIS Woman’s Award 2022 (MUSA International’s Woman’s Essence Show); Artist of the year 2020 (World of Art Award – London); WAA Woman's Art Award 2020 (MUSA + UNESCO – Rom); Frida Kahlo Prize 2020 (Mailand 2018 - Artist for the Cultural season); WAA Woman's Art Award 2019 (MUSA - Venedig Biennale); Boticelli Prize 2019, Florence; Velázquez Prize 2019, Barcelona; Artist of the year 2019, Mantua (curated by Francesco Saverio Russo and Salvatore Russo); Michelangelo Prize 2019, Rome; Giotto Prize 2019, Lissabon.