Blue Anomaly

Blue Anomaly

Oil paint on stretched linen.

70 x 100 cm

Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena is the meaning behind the new US government acronym, UAP. UAP has recently become the term preferred by authorities when referring to Unidentified Flying Objects, or the more commonly known UFO.

The artist explains, “I have an arms-length interest in what has been referred to as ‘High Strangeness.’ I find these ‘rabbit holes’ compelling, but I try to stay away from them because the line between fiction, speculation, facts and authoritative sources becomes remarkably blurred quickly. I find myself torn between general disbelief of our governments and storytelling. I am usually stuck in the middle when it comes to discerning the truth. I have no problem believing all sides of the story. I don’t know the true boundary of our governments actions and I don’t know the full scope of the reality we all share. It’s compelling, but I keep it at arms-length before it becomes personally consuming.”

The painting, “Blue Anomaly” therefore is a depiction of the artists imagining of High Strangeness. A blue, animated blur occupies the center of the painting encapsulated by energetic marks of orange and green. The space behind the anomaly is deep and ambiguous in unsettling colors. The unfamiliar gold space simultaneously references a shimmering interior, but also the wheat and straw you might find in a crop circle.

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Matt Frock is co-owner of FROCK GALLERY along with partner Annelies Deltour. Matt’s art studio is on display in the back of the gallery. Visitors are invited to come have a look and see artworks in progress. Matt does not exhibit in the main viewing area of the gallery, however his latest works are always on display in the studio. To learn more about Matt’s work, scroll down or visit Follow him @mattfrockart on Instagram and Facebook.