Photos from the Summer Exhibition Opening Night!

Opening Night - 
1 Jul 2022


Rita Craeynest, Pieter Lerooij, & Will Clarke

FROCK GALLERY is pleased to present on the first of July, the art work of three fantastic artists, Rita Craeynest, Pieter Lerooij, & Will Clarke. The artists will exhibit together in this years Summer Exhibitions 2022. Craeynest is a figurative bronze sculptor, specializing in the depiction of children dynamically presented in acts of play. Lerooij and Clarke are illustrators and printmakers. Lerooij’s images frequently depict anthropomorphized figures in the midst of charged interactions or captured by mundane bureaucracy. Clarke’s architectural etchings and screenprints teeter between a whimsical and authoritative documentarian style. The three artists together create an energized depiction of human life, their surroundings and the common drama’s and joys shared by all.

FROCK GALLERY exhibits the art work of contemporary artists directly from the artists studio. Gallery owners, Matt Frock and Annelies Deltour love to collaborate with artists and follow the evolution of work in their studios. The gallery enthusiastically presents the artist's work as it naturally unfolds in the art studio.

All of the joy and energy one can experience while spending time with children can be felt through Craeynest’s sculptures. She has captured the sense of non-stop motion, innocence and inquisitiveness children regularly inspire in adults. Her figures are frequently in action, off-balance and alive. Sometimes her figures are in a state of wonder, questioning or exploring their environment. Craeynest’s understanding, experience and control of the medium is reflected in the extraordinary anatomy displayed in the work. Each sculpture tells a short story and invites the viewer to come and play!

If you’re familiar with Art Spiegelman’s graphic novel, “Maus,” than you already have an inkling of what Lerooij’s visual storytelling can be like. Lerooij’s inventive use of anthropomorphic figures to act out the drama of his narratives makes for compelling theater. He is a master draftsman, printmaker and is not only capable of capturing character emotions, but also the drama of the space. Lerooij uses lighting situations in his compositions that reference the old masters of painting and printmaking like, Albrecht Dürer, Rembrandt, and Francisco Goya.

Clarke specializes in converting pen and ink drawings into prints. His subject is primarily architecture, but his perspective on what is generally considered to be a commercial art is unique and captivating. His compositions include sweeping birds-eye views of London, landscapes where the natural world collides with bold architecture, and beautiful renderings of unique city buildings throughout Europe. His illustrations celebrate the architectural detail as well as the majestic chaos of city planning and the landscapes they create.

Come visit FROCK GALLERY to see how these three artists can inspire us to explore our human world. The Summer Exhibitions 2022 will be on display from 1 July through 26 August. Meet the artists at the vernissage, 1 July 7pm and during the opening weekend, Saturday and Sunday 10am till 6pm. Feel free to visit during the galleries normal opening hours until 26 August.