Abstraction, color, and sensuous form will be front and center for this powerful exhibition by three European master artists.

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4 November 2022 until 7 January 2023

Frock Gallery is looking forward to hosting what is certain to be a powerful exhibition by three European master artists. Liliane Demeester is a Belgian ceramicist specializing in colorful organic forms that appear to change before your eyes. Austrian artist, Brigitte Kratochwill abstracts the landscape into layer upon layer of gorgeous paint. German artist, Katja Gramann is an abstract expressionist and collage experimentalist whose paintings are colorful and mysterious in regard to the method of their creation.

Liliane’s ceramic forms are voluptuous, graceful and full of sensuality. The brilliant color and matte finish of her sculptures have the luminous depth of a flower pedal. The puzzling shapes of her work naturally pose questions for the viewer regarding construction. Liliane says, "The clay sends me where it wants to go. I want to make a form and in doing so I have to take into account the laws of nature and those of the clay. It's as simple as that. My ceramics arise from a feeling. The form arises while building and is not studied or drawn out beforehand." 

Brigitte makes beautiful, minimalist compositions with breath-taking, sweeping strokes across the canvas. Brigitte's work has a strong, spiritual side to it. She values communication with her audience greatly. Her paintings are the conduit through which she's laid bare. The vulnerability she experiences while exhibiting is fodder for future works. In this way her audience informs the creative process. After years of such exchanges, it's the communing with her audience that is most essential. Brigitte says, "The older and more experienced an artist I become, the more the search for the essential comes to the fore of life as well as art."

Katja is an inventive picture maker. Her work is diverse, utilizing a variety of techniques ranging from expressionist-style painting to mixed-media and collage. Her images have a raw, freshness that reference Eastern aesthetics. Her curious approach to the creative process generates a varied yet cohesive body of work. Each image is loaded with energy, color, beautiful line work and mark-making. It’s clear, Katja enjoys the act of painting and experimenting with color. Her finished works are captured pieces of the process, transformed into presentations, to showcase her discoveries.

4 November till 30 December 2022, these three artists will exhibit together at Frock Gallery. At 6pm, Friday 4 November, the artists will be present to answer your questions about their fabulous artworks. Join us in a toast as we celebrate their fine achievements with a glass of bubbles and wine. Come see the show and visit us during our regular open hours until Friday 30 December.

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