Palieter Hillewaere

Palieter’s art works are an interesting combination of old-world and new-world technology. He uses computer software to workout the design of his ideas then materializes the work using CNC technologies. Along the way his creative process will revert to traditional blacksmithing techniques for the final execution of the work. The result is an intriguing 3D aesthetic that combines solid steel with the appearance of an ephemeral lightness. Palieter’s artworks look as whimsically placed in the environment as a leaf fallen from a tree, but upon further investigation the viewer will ironically come to realize they are quite heavy, solid and stable.


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Palieter Hillewaere (b. 1983) lives and works in Ypres. As an artist, he likes to start from a story in his work. He does not depict this story literally, he tries to evoke in his work the feeling that emanates from it. Thus he makes both formal formal installations in steel that transform the space into another reality. Or he makes works from stone that look very tactile and seem excitingly caressable. With his work, Palieter wants to move people, make them stop and possibly encourage them to experience new memorable moments. Besides being an artist, Palieter is a teacher of "Welding Construction" in special education.

The spark for the 'Interchange' series was created by the artist's fascination with giant traffic interchanges. The chaos of roads squirming away in different directions. The tension, the stress of finding the right way, the curiosity about the unknown or the recognition of direction to the familiar.

Experimenting with sketches of maps brought back to the artist memories of the first scribbles his daughters had once drawn.

In revisiting these drawings, he was surprised to discover that there was much more rhythm and symmetry than he had expected. The challenge was in finding the right lines for a technically feasible and interesting form. The 'Lines by' series start from these lines.

In the 'Interchange' and 'Lines by' series, Palieter succeeds in creating artworks where the lines intersect in multiple dimensions, forming an image that changes from every angle. A form in which light can play and which continues to surprise each time.

Out of gratitude, he often lets his daughters advise him in choosing the different layers of color. The finish of a work of art where their drawn scribbles lay at the base.


• Sculpture and spatial art, The Academy of Ypres 2016-2021



• 3rd laureate Yper art, Ypres


• Selection Arnoevoo, Bredene

• Final place for project call Grenzeloos, Hoogstraten


• Art in Kruitmagazijn, organization Valentijn Despeghel, Curieus,



▪ Group exhibition Yper Art, Ypres

▪ Art project Neighborhood House Atelier 39, Ypres


▪ Group exhibition Arnoevoo, Bredene

▪ Art project Deframing, Labadoux, Ingelmunster


▪ Biennale Traces Open Sites, Ypres

▪ Solo exhibition Staalh'art, Kruitmagazijn Ypres


▪ Group exhibition Vern-event Ypres

▪ Garlic Look Heule

▪ Selection Grand Prix Piet Staut


▪ Art House Apart Gullegem

▪ Sculpture tour, Beukenhof Phoenix Gallery

▪ The Passers-by, City of Ypres, Organization Jan Yperman

▪ Sculpture and Poetry Route Lo-Reninge


▪ Biennale Partcours, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

▪ Inchampion, European network EuroArt, Partcours

▪ Vern Event Ypres