Louisa Longstaff-Scales

Louisa’s paintings are an invitation to step out into “the landscape.” Her paintings re-imagine the familiar painting subject and push the experience into a new and personal domain. Her paintings are full of the energy and life one would experience outside in a large wilderness. You don’t see the wind in her brush strokes so much as you can feel it rolling over the uniquely inviting territory of her canvases. Her technique leads the eye in such a way that the universe of paint you’ve been transported to feels alive and full of movement. Standing in front of Longstaff-Scales paintings is like being presented with a new and mysterious force of nature.

United Kingdom

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The paintings of Louisa Longstaff-Scales are about experienced moments and finding refuge in the landscape. Moving through the landscape is a time for Longstaff-Scales to immerse herself in her inner world, taking these golden moments to daydream, resolve and exist as her own entity. There is a freedom to be found there and it is where her paintings are born. There is always a narrative that exists in her paintings. The landscapes combined with the context that Longstaff-Scales brings to them makes them largely autobiographical. The ideas and the thoughts she has and the matters that she is trying to resolve in this space colour her paintings. She makes suggestions to these in the landscape (using painterly marks and gesture), and in the title, so that then this narrative can belong to the viewer. As they bring their own context to the painting hopefully the painting will develop a new narrative and possibly become a land of their own.