Edouard Schneider

Edouard is a skilled designer working in a variety of analog and digital mediums. The design work is primarily computer aided then presented in a variety of formats. His work is sometimes printed onto a plywood surface and other times it is presented digitally on a flat screen, but is not limited to either of those two options. Edouard is often experimenting with a variety of surprising and unusual work surfaces and presentation formats.

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Edouard Schneider

Born 1995 in Mouscron.

As a master graphic artist, resident of a world in which typography in bold bends itself to optical illusion and in which rhythm determines the regularity of the graphics, Edouard specializes in geometric spielerei.   

He makes art graphically and graphic art.
As partner of design agency Letterlik, he writes for clients, if he doesn't, Edouard designs walls full of his own work.


Professional Bachelor - Visual Design

June 2017, with distinction - LUCA School of Arts, Ghent

    Foreign project Blended Aim 2016

    Bachelor's thesis

    — Flanders DC AWARD 2017 (LUCA AWARD)

    — passed the Design Class 2017 by Flanders DC

    — elected for the LUCA showcase 2017 ‘LUX’

Secondary Diploma - Liberal Visual Arts

June 2014 - Art & Creation, Kortrijk



Flanders DC AWARD 2017

Us by Night poster contest of 2017

Fujifilm Belgium photo contest 2014


Crying at the Workshop (with Leo Gabin)

    LUCA School of Arts (ghent) 2021

Indian Summer

    Rufus Gallery (ghent) 2021


    Kunsthal (gent) 2021

Sun's Out Guns Out!

    Rufus Gallery (gent) 2020

Express By Accident (solo)

    Rufus Gallery (gent) 2019

I wish I was my own country so I could be home anywhere (with S.M.A.K. moves)

    Entrance hall of S.M.A.K. 2019

    Pukkelpop 2019

    Deep into the Woods Festival 2019

    SORRY, NOT SORRY in Ghent 2019

    Vooruit Café in Ghent 18.11.2019 — 2.12.2019

    Festival of Equality 2019

    Museum Night 2019

Young Violence

    Culture House De Vrijheid (Sint-Denijs) 2015


    Farm Vandewalle (Kuurne) 2014

    Art & Creation (Kortrijk) 2014