Series by Friedemann Buehler

Oiled Oakwood. Milled and lathed from a single block of wood. 40 x 42 x 36.5 cm. 2022

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More about Friedemann Bühler

Friedemann’s work is so baffling when you see it in person, that you immediately want to know how he made it. His wooden bowls are extremely light and delicate – they’re unnaturally thin. They are clearly a single piece of wood – a section of a tree’s trunk. But how did he make it so thin and light? Given the scale, one wood assume they are heavy, but they’re light as can be. A worthy comparison would be the granite bowls and jars of ancient Egypt – also remarkably light and thin – although a very different material. And beautiful - just gorgeous - did I mention that part? Friedemann’s wooden bowls are truly exquisite.