Aim high, there is lots of room left!

Acrylic Painting on canvas, framed in a white wooden frame.

100 x 120 x 4 cm, 2022

Katja Gramann, says: The painting is an abstract acrylic painting on canvas in a larger landscape format predominantly in light white and gray tones, broken up by intensely colored shades of turquoise, rose, orange and black. Neon colors spy through in some places. The focal point of the painting is at the top edge. The title refers to a story that the painting reminds me of. A Canadian fisherman’s wife used to say to her daughter (a friend of mine) “Aim high, there is lots of room left!” to motivate us to do our best and strive. This picture reminds me of that story.

€ 3 960,00
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More about Katja Gramann

Katja is an inventive picture maker. Her work is diverse, utilizing a variety of techniques ranging from expressionist-style painting to mixed-media and collage. Her images have a raw, freshness that reference Japanese Zen aesthetics. Her curious approach to the creative process generates a varied yet cohesive body of work. Each image is loaded with energy, color, beautiful line work and mark-making. It’s clear, Katja enjoys the act of painting and experimenting with color. Her finished works capture the process into forms of presentation to showcase her discoveries.