Wall Art 2112

Earthenware with slip and pigment. 2021

This work was built up in rolls of clay. It originated from a feeling. No preliminary design was made. The work arises during the building process. By letting the clay rest in between, it is easier to manipulate and a dynamic form is obtained.

This ceramic work was biscuit fired at 960°C, given a finishing coat and then electrically fired at a higher temperature. When the work is fired at too high a temperature the glaze melts and becomes shiny. By staying just below the melting temperature, the work gets the desired matt structure. This piece was fired several times to obtain the intensive colour.

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More about Liliane Demeester

Liliane makes beautiful ceramic forms similar in appearance to Georgia O'Keeffe’s paintings. Liliane’s ceramic forms are voluptuous, graceful and full of sensuality. She says the forms develop automatically from intuition as if guided by the clay. Liliane deliberately colors her work and creates a soft, matte texture that produces synesthesia in the viewer – it looks like it feels like skin – her work fills the viewer with the desire to touch the surface.