Patricia Widmer

Patricia’s ceramic forms fall into the functional category, but the function intended by the artist is not always obvious. Her ball vases are beautiful examples of what fire, smoke and an experienced ceramicist can do to clay in a kiln. However, the opening on top is barely able to accommodate a pencil. The form is left to stand on its own, which it does quite well anyway. Likewise, her stacking, multi-colored bowls are certainly capable of serving breakfast cereal, but it’s far more enjoyable to play with them. People handling Patricia’s work enjoy re-arranging them, mix and matching colors, and placing them in eye-pleasing ways around the room. In this way, Patricia has re-thought and therefore re-assigned the functions of her functional pottery. With so many smoke effects and gorgeous colors, there’s certainly something from Patricia for everyone to play with.

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Passionate about ceramics for several years, I started to create ceramic "Bubbles".

My creations are of different sizes, different colors, decorated with dots or not, but they are always round, round as the earth, the moon, soap bubbles ...

Each bubble is unique and wonderful, like each of us. By its roundness and simplicity it invites to softness and reverie.

After a career as a fashion designer, I have been the happy owner of a guest room in Rixensart for the past 5 years: Côté Colline, a marvelous green setting where calm reigns supreme.

Curious by nature, I have always loved to create, work with my hands, explore, play and marvel. I found all this in ceramics.

Nature is my main source of inspiration, its beauty, its strength, its gentleness, its intelligence guides me on my way. I love to walk around the lake of Genval, a few steps from my home. I sit at the foot of a tree, on the lawn or on a bench and contemplate the water, the trees, the animals, the sky and the clouds. Then I go back to work. When I work with clay, I don't think, my hands work by themselves and beautiful bubbles are born under my fingers.

As I shape them by hand with the technique of the colombins (earth balls that I assemble and then smooth), each Bubble is unique in its shape but also in its finish which is the technique of the "terre sigillée" (slip made of the finest particles - of the size of a micron or less - of a clay) which gives this satin aspect and the smouldering that follows: the piece is heated to 750 degrees in a gas oven, then taken out and placed in wood chips. The chips ignite and give the piece its color.

Over time I wanted to create my own tableware, hence the arrival little by little of bowls, cups and soon plates.

I work with stoneware or liquid porcelain in plaster molds that I partly create myself.

I trained at the Academy of Fine Art in Boitsfort/Brussels and I followed various Masterclasses (Terre sigilée with Dalloun, plaster molds with Paolo Iori, enamels with Tristan Philippe...)

Through my work I hope to offer people a break in the whirlwind of life. When they look at my Bubbles or use my dishes it is an invitation to settle down, to let themselves go to the softness and to dream.

I purposely do not name my pieces so that people can project themselves into them, see what speaks to them, what they imagine, not be influenced by a title and be able to name them as they wish.