Myriam de Lafforest

Myriam's figures are full of the life that naturally flows from her disposition. Myriam is a cheerful, outgoing personality. Her warmth and disarming presence make her company a pleasure to be in. It seems only natural for an artist who enjoys the humanity of others to make people the subject in her art studio. Her figures are imbued with authentic emotions and constructed with a keen eye for anatomy. Whether Myriam's figures are in motion or at rest, there is no doubt of their liveliness.



In front of the block of clay I remain in silence respectful of what is going to be. I work most often without preconcieved ideas, or living models, I let the clay speak to me about what I do not know yet. In the beginning, a form emerges that my hands follow. I feel the energy of its movement. This touch, like a creative dance, continues and will stop when the expression of the face and the form makes sense. The movement and the revealed emotions are now united, the title is suggested, my artistic soul is soothed and my person enlightened. The work makes visible the inexpressible. The sense of depth, reveals and transforms its author, then separates from it to be universal and provocative. It's suggestive of a language.

Each of my pieces are the subject of an original bronze series of 8 plus 4 artist proofs. The process of casting is that of lost wax respecting all stages: molds made from the clay, wax controlled and retouched by the artist as well as the patina, bronze signed by the artist and all works are registered and stamped at the foundry (, certificate of authenticity are also issued.