Lies Bulteel

Lies’ warm personality and endless enthusiasm for clay and ceramic techniques makes for exciting shop talk. Her art studio is a cozy little house that she’s converted into a charming workshop where she makes her beautiful pottery. Lies is constantly experimenting with her kiln work, making notes, creating glaze samples, and “throwing pottery” (her “Balans” series takes the concept of throwing clay to the next level). At Frock Gallery, we believe objects used everyday should be special and well designed. Lies Bulteel’s work offers a way to bring art into our daily lives.

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Lies Bulteel

Ceramic Artist

I made my first pot when I was eight. That experience has always stayed with me, because I still have that pot. When I was pregnant with my son I decided to learn how to turn pots and in 2010 I started practicing in Tongerlo Abbey. But there was hunger for more.  I started in September 2013 at the Academy of Heist-op-den-Berg. A new world opened up for me there. Ceramic turned out to be a very broad concept and is much more than just making pots.  With the encouragement of my teacher and the support of my husband, I took the step to work with clay full-time. And I did not regret it for a moment. What an adventure...I love both functional and artistic ceramics.
Exclusive dinnerware and artistic expressions merge aesthetically.
A thorough technical and formal research are a constant in my personal work. I also combine clay with dance, a second passion of mine. I recently started the BEAU Design label, for which I make ceramic washbasins, which, like everything I make, are 100% unique and traditional.


NOV 2021 'Magic winter days' at Horemans, Geel

OCT 2021 Exhibition 'Power of forms', Booischot

JUNE 2021 Thesis 'Balance', Zwanenberg Heist-op-den-Berg

NOV 2019 Exhibition 'Quest for the Soul', Cloth Hall, Herentals

JUNE 2019 Thesis 'Shadows', Zwanenberg Heist-op-den-Berg

MAY 2019 Craft performance for Art Project Stormloop, Coach House Le Paige, Herentals


NOV 2021 Magical winter days at Horemans, Geel, GVA - The latest news - Het Nieuwsblad - Made-in Kempen

AUG 2021 Watch & buy moment, Noorderwijk, NNieuws

AUG 2020 Watch & buy moment, Noorderwijk, NNieuws and GVA