Kristin Van Nuffel

Kristin’s work connects the present with the distant past. Resembling the artworks found at mysterious archaeological sites such as Göbekli Tepe and ancient Egypt, her work forms a timeless tether to the past. Kristin uses animal and human forms similar to the iconography of ancient art. Her sculptures further populate our perspective of the ancient world with new iconography. Kristin uses these concepts like a collage material for the artifacts of a newly assembled lost civilization.

The Netherlands
Ceramic Art

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Kristin Van Nuffel

Ceramic Artist

Artist statement

Long ago, when I started my ceramics studies at St Lucas, school of arts in Ghent, I wanted to become a potter. I kept that up for a year, the love for modeling kept me more and more away from the turntable. For me, clay is THE material to express myself. Every now and then I have a work cast in bronze. After a TV documentary about the extinction of the rhinoceros, I felt it necessary to make as many as possible so that people would still remember the animals when they were really gone. In the meantime, many more animals have been reviewed in my oeuvre, in all possible shapes and colours. More recently, humans and flora have also been added. I let them merge and/or make up stories around them, which I then shape in my own way, always with a lot of enthusiasm and surrender.


2021 September Vernevents Ypres (Be)

2016/2018 and 2021 Gallery Pim De Rudder Assenede ( be)

2019 Nov, expo Magic , Landgoed de Campagne Drongen (be)

2019 april gallery hondsdamme ( Damme) ( be)

2019 august biennale small sculpture newport 89 art

2018 august biennale ceramics Nieuwpoort 89 art ( be)

2018 and 2019 beervelde castle ( be)

2017 gallery blackthorn Zetten ( NL)

2017 April Gallery hondsdamme Damme (be)