Christel Weyts

Christel is a master painter creating the appearance of watercolor using acrylic paints. Her signature light-touch resonates through her works creating a unique aesthetic. It’s remarkable how consistently different her paintings are from most artists using acrylic. However, it’s equally remarkable how pleasing those differences can be. For example, she uses acrylic in thin washes like watercolor or da Vinci-style oil painting. There are several unique results that occur from her technique. One is that she uses the white of the ground to produce light in her images, which can be very effective for boosting luminosity. Another pleasing result is the scale. It’s very difficult to produce large-scale watercolor paintings, yet most of her acrylic paintings are at least a bit larger than a typical watercolor (and sometimes much larger). Christel’s work is truly exceptional.


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Artist Statement

Carefully build up the slow life in transparent layers of paint.

My eye continuously scans the environment for scenes played by ordinary, fascinating people. 

To a moment that passes in an instant. Frozen on canvas so that the viewer can quietly take the time to feel the event: daily life with the occasional side path.

The play of natural or artificial light amazes me time and again and is an important part of my work.

As beautiful as people are and as present they can be. From the rebound, a painting appears sporadically in which not a living soul can be detected.

Christel Weyts

Born: 1965, Antwerp

Education : 1988 – 1991, drawing and painting lessons at the academy of Borsbeek, Academia

Selection for group exhibitions :

2021 – Sint-Truiden, The Song of the Sun imagined

2020 – Damme, Selection 'Oooh' (curator Jan Moeyaert)

2019 – Lier, Salon de l'avenir

2017 – Beveren, Prize Piet Staut

2017 – Lovendegem, Prize Stan Raemdonck

2017 – Apeldoorn (NL), Painting of the Year 2016 (finalist)

2016 – Bruges, August Vermeylen (1st honorable mention)

2016 – Apeldoorn (NL), Painting of the Year 2015 (finalist)

2015 – Ypres, National Prize for Painting

2015 – Apeldoorn (NL), Painting of the Year 2014 (laureate)

2013 – Beveren, Prize Piet Staut

2010 – Apeldoorn (NL), CODA Museum, Atelier Artist Awardd (laureate)

Prices :

2015 – 1st prize Painting of the Year 2014, CODA Museum Apeldoorn (NL)

2011 – Prize of Cultural Merit Boechout

2010 – 1st prize Atelier Artist Award 2009, Princess Maxima, CODA Museum Apeldoorn (NL)

Exhibitions :

2022 – Diksmuide, Leke, Gallery Sabine Van Paemel

2021 – Ostend, Artine Art House

2018 – Boechout, Boechout Art Pond

2017 – Keerbergen, Gallery Dessers-Beeck

2017 – Vilvoorde, Kunst in de Troost (selection by Lucas Vanclooster and Kristien Bonneure)

2017 – Lille (FR) Art Up ! (gallery Down to Art from Ghent)

2016 – Boechout, Boechoutse Kunstvijver (curator Karel Vingerhoets)

2014 – Koksijde, Sint-Idesbald, Yes Art Gallery

2013 – Keerbergen, Gallery Dessers-Beeck